Message from the President/CEO

Melanie Brown-Woofter

Welcome to the Florida Council Community Mental Health, the voice for Behavioral Health in Florida. The FCCMH has long been an advocate for the behavioral health industry, advocacy that is especially important today as the demand for behavioral health services has increased, capacity has decreased, and resources are diminishing. The increased media attention on behavioral health fueled by the tragic Parkland shooting and the opioid crisis has led the public to begin to understand the relationship between addiction and mental health, between mental health and physical health, and that mental health illnesses and addiction are brain disorders. Behavioral health services are now recognized an essential component of health care.

Together with FCCMH staff, our members develop and take actions to achieve affordable, accessible, efficient, and high-quality behavioral health care options for the employers and residents of our state. Our members advocate for value-based solutions that encourage innovation and work against costly mandates and burdensome regulations. We utilize an array of IT innovations and system-engineering techniques for analyzing, designing and improving the delivery system and policy for behavioral health in Florida.
Through quarterly meetings, conferences, newsletters and electronic messaging the Council brings together diverse voices of behavioral health stakeholders from across Florida and provides a forum to interact with legislative, government and private sector leaders at the highest levels.

The Florida Council for Community Mental Health has been the voice for providers, families, and stakeholders for sixty years.  Our members are among the most innovative providers in behavioral health and our advocacy has never been stronger.  Together we’re building upon our unmatched legacy and unique position to improve behavioral health in the State of Florida.  We invite you to join us, the FCCMH, and be heard.

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