Established more than 40 years ago in 1976, The Florida Council for Community Mental Health (FCCMH or the Council) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) statewide association of community-based mental health and substance abuse treatment providers. The purpose of FCCMH is to promote the welfare of persons with behavioral health disorders and those needing behavioral health services.

Each provider member agency is a private corporation, generally with a volunteer, citizen board of directors who are representative of the local community. These boards set policy for the agencies and serve to assure that community treatment needs are being met. Council provider member agencies receive funding from the local, state and federal government, as well as organizations such as the United Way and private foundations. These agencies serve predominately low-income individuals and families.

In addition to the provider members, the FCCMH membership includes a host of corporate partner members including managed care and pharmaceutical companies as well as companies specializing in electronic health records, managing entities and other companies working in the field of behavioral health.

Clients served by member agencies

Council members serve the majority of the nearly 240,000 adults and children receiving publicly-funded mental health and substance abuse services in Florida. Most clients served by member agencies are adults with serious and persistent mental illness, children with severe emotional disturbance, adults with long-term addictions, and children who are drug users or at risk of abusing drugs. Member agencies provide a range of services, including emergency services, residential treatment, outpatient services and rehabilitation and support services. These services are provided by a combined workforce of several thousand people.

Council organization

The Council's Board of Directors is elected by member agency directors. One of the director's seats is reserved for a consumer of behavioral health services and another for a family member. The association has 7 full time staff members, all based in Tallahassee just steps from the Capitol. Melanie Brown-Woofter is the Council's President and Chief Executive Officer.