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Mental Health & Substance Abuse Science Summit

Below are documents from the summit of February 15, 2012

WAKE UP YouTube Video

Best Return on Investment (ROI): Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Senate’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Budget Cuts – A Fact Sheet

Op-Ed: Senate’s Budget Proposals = One Confusing Equation 3-29-11

Op-Ed: Protect the Public Safety of Our Communities: Preserve Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Funding 2-3-11

Op-Ed: Protect Floridans with Critical Health Care Medicaid Spending of the 80/20 Medical Loss Safeguard  9-09

Op-Ed: Public Health Crisis 10-6-09

Op-Ed: Cigarette Tax and the Mentally Ill 6-29-09

Op-Ed: Critical Health Care Spending Misplaced

Op-Ed: Virginia Tech Task Force 05-02-07

Op-Ed: Offender Re-Entry 07-24-07

Op-Ed: Emotional Disturbance and Academic Failure 08-20-07

FCCMH October Board Presentation - Morbidity and Mortaility: People with SMI

Presentation by Monica Oss

House Finger Printing Bill

House staff analysis regarding finger pinting bill

National Health Reform and Behavioral Health - Florida Council Board Presentation by Bob Sharpe (Updated 11-16-2009)

Handbook on Sensitive Practice for Health Care Practicioners: Lessons from Adult Surviivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Working with People with Mental Illness Involved in the Criminal Justice System

The Link Between Marijuana and Mental Illness

Strategies for Developing Treatment Programs for People with Co-occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Corporation Behavioral Health Managed Care Recommendations

Self-Determination for People with Psychiatric Disabilities Bibliography

Socio-Emotional Development and Infant Mental Health in Early Childhood Systems

President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health Report-Executive Summary

Questions and Answers about Legal Rights of Medicaid Participants - Florida Legal Services

Florida Substance Abuse Mental Health Corporation (SAMH Corp) FY 2007-2008 Strategic Planning

NASMHPD Report on State Mental Health Agency Operations and Funding of Community Mental Health Services

NAMI Guide to Legal Protections for People with Mental Illnesses in Managed Care

Medicaid Special Needs Plan for Benificiaries with Psychiatric Disabilities 02/15/07

Program Comparison Charts 03/26/07

Mental Health Disparities Among Youth Vary by State

Medical, Developmental and Behavioral Problems of Foster Children and Capacity of Foster Care Providers in Florida

Medicaid Reform 05/10/07

Medicaid and reform and Managed Care 04/16/07

Emergency Response: A Roadmap for Federal Action on America's Mental Health Crisis

Medicaid Reform Florida Style 05/05/06

Medicaid Mental Health Services - Medicaid Before 02/15/07

Economic Benefits of Drug Treatment - A Critical Review of the Evidence for Policy Makers

Medicaid MCO Medical-Loss Requirements 02/07

DCF Substance Abuse and Mental Health Central Office Staff Listing

Recovery Based Medicaid Mental Health Benefit 04/12/07

Healthy Families Committee: Lessons Learned from Forensic Bed Crisis 02/06/07

Gubernatiorial Task Force for University Campus Safety 5/16/07

Blueprint for Reforming & Enriching Florida's Medicaid Behavioral Health Services

Comprehensive Family Assessment Guidelines for Child Welfare

Aftercare Planning for Inmates with Serious Mental Illnesses - December 2004

Evolution of Medicaid Managed Care Plans 01/07

Fair Market Pricing 01/07

Age at First Use of Marijuana and Past Year Serious Mental Illness

A Best Practive Approach to Community Re-Entry From Jails for Inmates with Co-Occurring Disorders: The APIC Model

Achieving Better Outcomes for Children and Families: Reducing Restraint and Seclusion

Emergency Psychiatric Care: A Community Crisis 12/11/06

DCF Reorganization Plan 04/12/07

Florida Substance Abuse Mental Health Corporation FY 2007-2008 Strategic Planning

Senate HHS Appropriations Committee Meeting

In a Crisis Every Florida Family Deserves a Place to Turn - 5000 Friends of Florida Families