Organizational Members

Organizations that provide community-based behavioral health programs, services, and supports for adults and children are eligible to apply for membership.

Application: Download the .pdf form to apply.

Benefits of Organizational Members:

  • Access to and ability to submit articles for quarterly FCCMH Newsletters
  • Post information on FCCMH website
  • Enhanced networking opportunities with statewide behavioral healthcare providers
  • Eligible to participate in Florida Council Committees
  • Advance notice and discounted registration at selected forums and conferences
  • Weekly Legislative updates
  • Access to council lobbyists to help promote organizational needs
  • Access to Florida Council staff services and expertise
  • Access to all Florida Council board meetings

Membership Dues are assessed based on total annual revenue of the organization.

  • Minimum membership dues: $5000.
    Smaller agencies with total annual revenues under $5 million
  • Maximum membership dues: $40,000. Large agencies with total annual revenues over $40 million
  • Membership Dues Range - Dues for agencies whose total annual revenues fall between $5 and $40 million per year will be assessed on a base rate of.001% of total annual revenues. The base rate will be adjusted (+/- ) based on the approved Council annual operating budget.

Corporate Partners

Organizations and business that provide goods and services to the Council and its member agencies; that demonstrate an interest in behavioral health and improving the lives of people needing mental health and substance abuse services; and are interested in cost-effective behavioral health care are eligible for membership. There are four membership levels with increasing benefits maximizing at the Platinum level.

Application: Download the .pdf form to apply.

Membership Levels

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Please contact Kendra Salvatore, Director of Member Services, at for more information regarding membership and the application process.