FCCMH provides legislative representation on behalf of its member agencies. We present your concerns before the Florida Legislature, the Office of the Governor, and state and federal agencies.

Comprehensive and timely policy analysis keeps you updated on legislation impacting behavioral health care services. The Council’s legislative updates and policy alerts give you the facts without the bureaucracy, and not a moment too late.

Behavioral health has becoming increasing more important as a critical public health issue. Most recently, the focus of attention has been the opioid epidemic, but the debate around how that crisis should be addressed has opened the door to bigger conversations about behavioral health in general. Everyone is searching for a solution, and brain science finally has a public audience so policymakers and legislators can better understand that vulnerability to addiction doesn’t necessarily begin with a prescription.
Never has the work of Florida Council member organizations been more critical to restoring the health and resiliency of our communities. Council members are uniquely positioned for this work because their organizations are dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment focused on sustained and positive outcomes for individuals, families and communities.  Research has proven that recovery and wellness are interdependent with good physical health, positive social relationships and ongoing support and coaching. The member organizations of the Florida Council for Community Mental Health embody those principles, within service delivery models adapted to best meet the needs of their individual communities.
If you are a behavioral health provider, we invite you to check out the benefits of a Council membership.
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