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    8/15/2018 to 8/17/2018 EDT

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The number one priority for the Florida Council for Community Mental Health and its member organizations is to ensure that Floridians have access to a comprehensive and effective system of coordinated mental health and substance abuse treatment services.
Our member organizations are located throughout the state and offer a wide array of treatments and supportive services tailored to meet individual and family needs. In addition to more traditional mental health and substance abuse services and interventions, Council members assist individuals and families in addressing the social determinants of health, such as: adequate health care, affordable housing, job training and employment, food insecurity, peer support, mentoring and other supports needed to achieve sustained health and recovery.
Treatments and supportive services are provided in a variety of locations, including: Community Mental Health Centers, substance use disorder rehabilitation programs, inpatient treatment programs, community health centers, mutual support groups and peer-run organizations, schools, jails and prisons, and at home through telehealth or home-based services.
Mental health has been defined as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”; however, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration estimates that only about 17% of U.S adults are considered to be in a state of optimal mental health. The Florida Council for Community Mental Health is committed to addressing that gap by providing effective, high quality behavioral health services and supports so that more Floridians can achieve a state of optimal overall health.


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2018 BHCon Keynote Speakers Announced

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NAMI presents "Share Your Story" to coincide with Mental Health Month

It’s important for people living with mental health conditions to know that they are not alone. Sharing a story about your personal experiences with mental health challenges can help in your own recovery as well as provide encouragement and support to others with similar experiences.
NAMI offers two safe, moderated spaces for sharing stories and creative expression: You Are Not Alone and OK2Talk

2018 Admin Forum held last week in Orlando

The annual event kicked off Wednesday with the CIO/Tech workgroup (shown above) and ran through Thursday.
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Click here to download presentation materials and agendas from the event.

Age-Related Racial Disparity in Suicide Rates Among U.S. Youth

NIH-funded study suggests need for more research into contributing factors; targeted interventions for children.
Read the article on the NIMH website here.

NAMI presents the CureStigma quiz.

Help spread the cure. 
Visit the website here.

Community Event on Opioid Abuse Prevention and Research Education

FSU's Center for the Study & Promotion of Communities, Families and Children present Friday, May 18, 2018 from 8:30am to 10:30am.
Florida State University Alumni Center, 1030 W Tennessee St., Tallahassee, FL 32304
The keynote and panel discussion will highlight the FSU and the Tallahassee community research and services to prevent and fight opioid abuse.
Register for the FREE community event here.

NAMI Children's Mental Health infographics

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Connect children to mental health care

People are often surprised to hear that 25 percent of the patients we treat at Meridian are children. That’s roughly 4,750 school-aged kids — 300 of them ages 1 to 5 — and their stories are often not what most people assume they would be.
Read Dr. Maggie Labarta's article on the Gainesville Sun website here.

Today is Children's Awareness Day! Caring for every child's mental health. 

The Awareness Day 2018 national event in Washington, DC, will feature an interactive town hall discussion on strategies for making child-serving systems more trauma-informed. The webcast titled "Partnering for Health and Hope Following Trauma" will take place on Thursday, May 10, at 7 p.m. EDT in Washington, DC, at The George Washington University’s Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre.
Watch the webcast here.

Discover additional Awareness Day resources list for Child Traumatic Stress.
Click to go to the SAMHSA site here.

Throughout the May (Mental Health Awareness Month) we will be posting resources and materials. Check back often to see the latest posts.
Please visit the page on the FCCMH website here.

Mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being, and mental illnesses are common and treatable. 

Download "How the #4MIND4BODY cahllenge works here.

Throughout the May (Mental Health Awareness Month) we will be posting resources and materials. Check back often to see the latest posts.
Please visit the page on the FCCMH website here.

Florida State Board of Nursing - Volume 4. Issue 2. Spring 2018

The latest edition of The Florida Nursing Quarterly newsletter is now available!
To read this edition click here.


Do You Focus on Fitness #4Mind4Body?

This May is Mental Health Month; the Florida Council is raising awareness about the connection between physical health and mental health, through the theme Fitness #4Mind4Body. The campaign is meant to educate and inform individuals about how eating healthy foods, gut health, managing stress, exercising, and getting enough sleep can go a long way in making you healthy all around.
Download the article today.
Visit the Mental Health America page here.

Throughout the May (Mental Health Awareness Month) we will be posting resources and materials. Check back often to see the latest posts.
Please visit the page on the FCCMH website here.

State law enforcement officer tapped to direct new Office of Safe Schools

The Department of Education announced the news Tuesday evening, on the deadline Gov. Rick Scott set.
Read the article on the Tampa Bay Times website here.

Let Mental Health First Aid Make You a Winner This Month!

May is Mental Health Month, and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to mark the occasion than to announce the launch of #BeKindBeTheDifference – a contest sponsored by the National Council and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to encourage people to get trained in Mental Health First Aid. Anyone can learn to be the difference for someone who is experiencing a mental health or addiction crisis if they know what to say and what to do, and those are the skills Mental Health First Aid teaches.
Read the details on the National Council's website here!

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week - Join the #RealMotherhood 5-Day Challenge

We're asking you to get real about motherhood by sharing photos and posts that show the real face of motherhood. Images can be light-hearted or serious- it's up to you! They can be of meds you had to get on, dirty dishes overflowing out of your sink, going to work with baby vomit on your shirt, or your beautiful, glowing, stretch mark skin.
Sign up to take the challenge here.
Watch the video here (26 sec.).
Visit the FCCHM Mental Health Awareness page here.

DCF holds steering committee on executive order to enhance behavioral health and law enforement collaboration

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) today convened the first meeting of the Executive Steering Committee on Executive Order 18-81 in Tallahassee. Governor Scott signed the order on March 26, directing DCF to enhance collaboration with law enforcement in each Florida county to improve the coordination of behavioral health services for individuals in need. 
To view Executive Order 18-81, click HERE.​

August 30 - May 4 is Maternal Mental Health Week

This year's theme is #RealMotherhood #NoShame.
Getting real about motherhood is healthy for everyone.
For information please visit the Blue Dot Project website here.
Visit the FCCHM Mental Health Awareness page here.

Collaborating with Florida’s Managing Entitles on Behavioral Health Services for School Children

Florida Association for District School Superintendents.

FCCMH members and staff attend the Florida Association of District School Superintendents meeting

L to R: Dr. Jay Reeve, Senator Bill Montford,  Representative Jason Brodeur, and Jane Johnson at the Association of District School Superintendents meeting in Orlando.


L to R: Dr. Jay Reeve, John Dow and Senator Rene Garcia at the Florida Association of District School Superintendents meeting in Orlando.

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools

SAMHSA is excited to share the Suicide Prevention Resource Center's release of the second edition of After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools, which assists schools in implementing a coordinated response to the suicide death of a student. Developed in collaboration with the American Foundation for Suicide Preventionand in consultation with other national experts, this toolkit includes new information and tools that middle and high schools can use to help the school community cope and reduce suicide risk.
Click here to visit the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.


The fabulous staff at the David Lawrence Center, our President Melanie Brown Woofter, LifeStream Behavioral Center President Jon Cherry, Meridian Behavioral Healthcare President Dr. Maggie Labarta, and David Lawrence Center President Scott Burgess.

Council members working hard in DC for Florida's behavioral health community. #NatCon2018
Left to right: Melanie Brown Woofter, Dr. Maggie Labarta, Congressman Daniel Webster (District 7) and Jon Cherry.

Congressman Vern Buchanan says these are seven ways to attack opioid epidemic

With the backing of local sheriffs, mental health professionals and two mothers who lost their sons to the opioid epidemic, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan has introduced a seven-part bill to tackle the opioid epidemic from multiple angles. Centerstone CEO Melissa Larkin-Skinner praised Buchanan's efforts, saying he is at the "forefront of the fight."
Read the article on the Bradenton Herald website here.

May is Maternal Mental Health Month
April 30 - May 6 is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week​

TheBlueDotProject will host the U.S.'s week long social media campaign Monday, April 30 through Friday, May 6 which will include World MMH Day on May 2nd. 
Visit the website here.

Pinwheels for Prevention

The Florida Council for Community Mental Health is partnering with the Florida Ounce of Prevention in the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign to draw attention to the importance of ensuring that all children have equal opportunity for healthy growth and development. Florida Council member organizations dedicate themselves to that work every day by providing therapeutic services and supports to individuals and families throughout Florida to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

For more information about the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida and the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign, click here.

NIH HEAL Initiative to Stem Opioid Epidemic

In April 2018, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched the HEAL (Helping to End Addiction Long-term) Initiative, an aggressive, trans-agency effort to speed scientific solutions to stem the national opioid public health crisis. The HEAL Initiative will bolster research across NIH to prevent addiction through enhanced pain management and improve treatments for opioid misuse disorder and addiction.
Read the story on the NIH website here.

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